Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Reminder

When I was working out on campus the other day, I had to remove my earrings because each stroke of the elliptical brought a smack upside my head. It was obvious that I had not accessorized properly.

Then, wouldn't you know it,I left the earrings in the machine's cup holder, and dashed off to the shower, located by my locker, in another building.

But before I could get to the gym shower, I ran into an old friend, literally. We've shared a few classes together, but have since gone in different directions. With every sentence she spoke,she moved her head and her earrings moved as well. They were beautiful and I was mezmorized by them. I reached up to touch my own earrings and realized they weren't there!

I beat a hasty retreat back to the gym and retrieved them. When I told Maria about it, we both realized that the Creator has a way of sending us messages - in this case, a reminder, of what we need.

We, on the other hand, must be sensitive to these messages which can be so subtle we miss them. If I hadn't been paying attention, I quite possibly may have lost a pair of earrings I've had for years, all the more sentimental because they were made by another dear friend.

Definitely a turn on, tune in and drop in moment.

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