Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Not Going To Be Easy

I tried to enjoy my week off from school, shopping the kids and reading novels. But that's all over now that I've started school once again - an introductory Spanish class at a local community college located in Simcha (Santa) Monica.

You would think that living in a state with 50% of the population speaking Spanish daily and my use of public transportation, would mean I might have picked up something. Well, forget it. I sat in my first class yesterday and thought - there goes my GPA. I've got to take this class pass/no pass.

For some people, languages are easy to pick up. It's been said that the earlier you start, the faster you learn. I have stuck out on both counts, and pray I keep up with my classmates, most of whom appear to be native speakers.

What will help me through is my need to excel at everything I do. No half measures for me. If my professor says I need to study six hours a day to succeed in class, then I will try to do just that. In fact, I've already made flash cards and tried studying on the bus, but the ride, above ground (no subway!) is crowded each way, and full of younger students who are loud and on the phone.

Unlike my beloved subway, which is quiet and clean, the S. Monica bus #7 is very much like its city of origin - freewheeling and slow. That's a beach town for you. At least the weather is amazing - not too hot, not too cold. Breezy, sunny, and plenty of shade. Thank you G-d, for giving us the republic of S. Monica and its wonderful community college, ranked, I'm told, the best in the nation. !Que magnifique!

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