Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vegging It

I accepted a last minute invitation to Shabbos lunch from a dear friend who is a vegetarian. She instructed me and my family not to eat meat before coming to her home because there would be dairy food on the table and she wanted us to enjoy everything.

I took her advice. I stayed away from meat, but wondered what there would be to eat. I was getting kinda hungry.

Oh my gosh! The lunch table was laden with homemade eggplant salads, roasted pepper salad, eggs in all varieties mixed with vegetables, enchiladas, cabbage salad and more. Add to that a spicy bean cholent that had my daughter begging for more water.

My family wasn't the only guest. Another dear friend was there, a gourmet chef in her own right, and I say this because I've eaten many a meal in her home. Even she was amazed at the cuisine.

I asked the hostess over and over again - did you make all this food Friday? Frankly, I'm surprised she didn't hit me over the head to get me to shut up. I was so impressed. And quite full. I think veggie fare fills you up quickly, even when you leave room for a brownie topped with real chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. More likely, I ate so much and so fast because it tasted great.

Today's experience took spiritually and vegetables to a new height. Thanks D, for a wonderful experience and for making by Shabbos so special. Now if only I could find the time to make some of that delicious food. . .

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