Friday, May 14, 2010

Life's Little Pleasures

I made a date with a good friend of mine to eat something I haven't tasted since the 80s. Frozen yogurt. That's because when I decided to follow Jewish dietary laws, there were no "kosher" frozen yogurt stores around.

Let me clarify something. What I mean is, cholav Yisroel kosher yogurt stores. Frozen yogurt made from cows' milk whose processing was supervised by a Jew. That's right - expensive. .

The store is called Yogo and they sell their frozen stash by the pound. I picked up Debbie, we drove over to the store, found parking right away and then joined an entire girl's high school class already enjoying a snack. It was standing room only.

Which didn't deter Debbie and I - nothing has ever stood in the way of our pursuit of something good to eat - and we grabbed paper bowls, sampled every flavor but coffee and piled on the toppings. Debbie opted for chocolate syrup, and since it wasn't hot, it was bitter. I choose nuts, fruit and chocolate chips. Amazing.

So Debbie and I sat out on Melrose, a street in Los Angeles not usually associated with revealed holiness*, and ate our kosher yogurt. The girls left, and the boys from yeshiva showed up, along with bubbies and zeides taking the grandchildren for a walk.

Welcome Yogo. Ten purchases and I get one free. Even counting in Shavuot, when the store is closed for two days, I might just get my free yogurt before next Shabbos. That's how good it is. In the end, I can only thank the One Above for having planted the idea for frozen yogurt in someone's mind so the rest of us can lie to ourselves about eating healthy. Because next time, it's double chocolate chips. Oh yeah.

*Revealed, yes. Holiness, no.

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