Monday, May 17, 2010

Is It Just My Imagination

I wonder sometimes - is it me or am I really busy? Here's my day:

Left home at 7:15 am to take my son to his school, got on the road to my school, arrived at 8:15 am, said Tehillim, studied for my quiz, went to class at 9 am.

Left early (10:15 am) to volunteer at the senior center serving meals until 1 pm, drove to get paperwork signed, picked up a chocolate energy bar, exercised on the treadmill for 45 minutes, spoke at length to my son in Israel.

Went home around 2:15 pm, showered, ate a late lunch, did carpool, skipped dinner to work on homework.

It's now 10 pm, picked up my son from Yeshiva 20 minutes ago, ate a piece of cheese, went back to work on homework. I'm not planning on going to bed for at least another hour.

I supposed we can all list out our daily lives like this. And today is pretty typical - some days I have even more on my "plate."

Which only makes me appreciate the quiet and tranquility of Shabbos. Thank you Holy One, for imposing a day of rest, a recharging of batteries. It's how I make it through the week. It's TGIF in real time.

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