Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bidding My Time

Going to school on the quarter system has its moments, most notably, when the quarter is over. When classes last only 10 weeks, unless you're uber organized, you tend to lose track of time and fall begin. Guess what's happened to me?

If you guessed I've fallen behind, you're right. So now I'm in the process of making a spread sheet so I don't get bit in the butt by assignments. Imagine, a spread sheet for homework. Is that sick or what?

At least I have my sense of humor back. I had all but given up hope of ever enjoying myself after working 10 hours on a class presentation on hypertension. In fact, I think I ended up with hypertension in the process.

And that's what has brought me to the spreadsheet. If I had been paying attention to my assignments, I would not have dallied on the presentation and ended up with literally sleepless nights trying to get it done.

Just goes to show you - organization has it's place. The anarchist in me is finally laid to rest. What can you expect from a gal who spent the 80s wearing the pin "Question Authority?"

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