Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will 12 Steps Be Enough?

Ever since my first pregnancy, I've suffered from optical migraines. Just what exactly are optical migraines I can't say. No one has been able to define it for me, not even the neurological nurse practitioner who spent an hour interviewing me the other day. I have no pain, just the inability to see straight for about 45 minutes.

Doesn't sound too bad, of course, unless you're driving, or reading, or sitting in class taking an exam. Then it becomes a real problem. So what's the cure?

Daily use of calcium blockers and Beta blockers, both of which are used to counter the effects of high blood pressure, which I don't have (thank G-d). But its use by me could lead to even lower blood pressure (and fainting).

I mean, I just wanted to rule out a brain tumor. I'm more than happy to pull over to the side of the road or take 10 during a test. But that's not all. I have to give up caffeine.

Which seemed okay as I sat in the doctor's office. I mean, after being offered the daily use of calcium and beta blockers, coffee seemed like a non-starter. Yeah, take it away. In fact, I went from there to the store and picked up both decaf coffee and green tea, and figured, whatever.

Well here I am, not quite a week later, saying wait a minute. I only started drinking coffee in October of 2009 and I've suffered from these puppies for nearly 19 years. What am I doing to myself? This is crazy. Forget it. I'm going back to the real stuff.

Which are the words of a true addict. The words of withdrawal. Ouch - I never thought I'd need a 12 step plan. But here goes: Hi, I'm Nana. I'm a coffee addict. . .

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