Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shopping Chol HaMoed

Okay, my bad. I've been so busy cleaning and studying that I didn't do any shopping for Pesach. My husband did. He's bigger and stronger.

So after this past Shabbath, the last day of Chol HaMoed (intermediate day of the holiday), I decided to venture out to the kosher market and pick up a few things.

I'm not sure what happened between Friday afternoon and this morning, but people in the kosher market were shopping like their lives depended on it. I mean, how else do you explain frantic attempts to fill up shopping carts with . . .anything.

Now the women do it more with style. They talk to each other or on the phone and are definitely more calm about it, more methodical. But the men - oh my gosh. What is it with them? They're lucky they didn't put someone's eye out. I don't think they knew what they were buying. Their shopping carts were overflowing and they were blocking aisles.

Pesach does something to people - it makes them crazy. Could it be a deep seated fear among Jews of starving, most likely due to previous experiences with starving? Granted, for most people who care, food options are severely restricted during this holiday.

So I encourage my people to take a deep breath, and repeat: there are only two days left. Two days to submarine sandwiches. Two days to pizza with toppings. Two days to whole wheat toast with low fat cream cheese. Just hold on.

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