Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Even One Slice Is Too Much

Okay, I admit it. Staying up past midnight to eat the first pizza in eight days seems childish. It was my sons' idea to wait in line after Yom Tov (Passover) to order the pizza. It was my idea to eat 5 slices.

Yes, you read right. FIVE slices of pizza. Only the young can pull that off, or at least people with a functioning gastrointestinal system. How I suffered today for my folly! It was my first day back to school and I spent it running up and down the hallway between class and the ladies' room. I'm sure my professors thought I had a problem, and the truth is, I did. I still do.

And that problem isn't what we locals call Montezuma's revenge. The problem is the fact that the discomfort didn't stop me from eating two hot dogs with sauerkraut tonight, complimented with a side of oven-fried potatoes. Man, it was this side of heaven!

Yep, I'm in bed, actually feeling no pain. I've accepted my fate, which means I can relax and think about tomorrow. What will it be - kosher subway, or bagel and cream cheese? Who needs the stress - I'll have both!

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