Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family, Friends and Matzah

There's nothing like joining family and friends around a table laden with wine, good food and matzah. Did I said matzah? Oh dear.

Fact: Consumption of matzah is mandated by the Torah (Bible).

Fact: Many people, including me, rue the day, some 3500 years ago when we left Egyptian bondage so fast that the bread didn't have time to rise and we're stuck eating these freaky crackers for eight days. Seriously, like we didn't have a clue we were leaving?

Fact: Eating almost any amount of matzah causes me intestinal distress.

Fact: My children love the stuff, eat it non-stop, and never complain about a stomach ache.

So every year, I spend wonderful hours with family and friends, eating as little matzah as I can. Thank you G-d, for taking us Egypt and making the Jewish nation. Thank you, Holy One, for all the miracles and wonders these past 4,000 years. But Creator, regarding matzah, can we talk?

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