Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Taste of Redemption

We learn that the experience of Shabbat Kodesh (Holy Shabbath) is similar to that of the times of Moshiach (Messiah), meaning, peace reigns and G-dliness is revealed in all aspects of our world.

Today, I had a taste of Moshiach times, in other words, a taste of the redemption. Literally. Starting with a bar mitzvah, then a Shabbat Kallah, and then a Bris. All before sundown.

The eat-a-thon began around noon, in honor of a young man, just turned 13 years old, who read from the Torah during Shabbat services. The mini lunch is called a kiddish, and involves wine, cake, fish, meat, salads, and crackers, but in this case, no bread. I mention this only because bread technically makes a meal, and Jews are required to have three meals on Shabbat.

The Shabbat Kallah, which is a party dedicated to giving joy to an upcoming bride, had everything the bar mitzvah kiddish had, but with a heavy emphasis on cake. Frankly, there was no pretense at a meal. The Shabbat Kallah is for women, and women like cake. And cut fruit. Oh yeah, there was platter of cut vegetables and dip. Women like that too. Did I mention there were two chocolate mousse cakes and an assortment of cookies?

The bris, or ritual circumcision, was a full blown meal. Here a Jewish baby is legally* made a Jew to the joy of everyone present. A tent was set up in the backyard and people sat down to eat. Newcomers brought even more good news with them, since on Shabbat, with no phones or Internet, news travels by word of mouth.

If today's Shabbat was a taste of redemption, everybody is going to like it - even our enemies. Finally, something we all could agree on. Shalom!
*Jewish law requires a male child have a circumcision in order to enter the covenant of Abraham. Women, born perfect (obviously) have no such requirement.

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