Friday, March 5, 2010

The End Is Near

When you tell people that the end is near, they right away assume that the world is coming to an end. How silly. To me, the end is near means this crazy roller coaster of a quarter is nearly over and when it is, I will have less than 10 days to prepare my house for Pesach.

Which all adds up to four migraines this week and the only relief in sight is that the week is nearly over. Can it be that I am suffering from menopause? No hot flashes yet, but can they be far off?

Add to this the fact that my dear friend Maria and I have the distinction of being the co-chairs of the National Nutrition Month observance on campus next week. We've planned a three-day event with a walk-a-thon, literature hand-outs and healthy treats.

Frankly, I'm surprised I've survived this long. Putting on this event is akin to having root canal every day for a month. Obviously, my brain is fried, my energy strapped. My head is killing me. My last recourse: watching six hours of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, non-stop. Ah, the joy.

Thank G-d the end is near.


  1. you did an amazing job on the NNM/Walk-a-thon stuff!! We're almost done, Nana

  2. Thank you! The only reason everything went well is because of people like you. All of my fellow students make the effort so worth it. Looking forward to next year (definitely more Whole Foods bags!)

    L, Nana