Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sparky's Story

Preparing for Pesach, or Passover, is very stressful. It requires a lot of detail work, like thoroughly cleaning your entire house, then buying only Kosher for Pesach products. The expense and the stress together, can be overwhelming.

However, all that changes if the people in your life help out. That helper happens to be my son Shlomo, aka Sparky. At 14, Sparky tends to be very emotional and given to loud outbursts - most of which you can't understand because he's the only person I know who needs subtitles when he speaks. I keep telling him he needs to slow down and actually pronounce the words he's saying.

Today, it wasn't what Shlomo said. It was what he did. He cleaned up his room, which he shares with a slew of brothers, chiding them, fighting with them, and ultimately just doing the job himself. Just like his mother. I'm so proud of him.

My other boys didn't want to help out, and indeed, one flat out refused, preferring to cry instead. My daughter pitched in reluctantly. But Shlomo, he's a leader. He's always there for his family.

I want to say publicly what I told to him, (and all my children): I love you!
Thank you Sparky. You brought us one step closer to the ultimate redemption. You rock!!

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  1. He's the only one in your family to have met my husband! We remember that day!