Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back From The Brink

My day started out as commercial for Prozac. Spring course enrollment began at 6am, and I had forgotten to file my petition allowing excess units or prove prerequisites (again) for permission to enroll in two of the four classes I need. I live at least an hour and a half away from campus by bus, and with the kids, I couldn't leave before 7:45 am.

It seems I've been so preoccupied with completing dietetic internship applications that I completely forgot to take care of business. Silly me - if I don't complete these classes by June, an internship won't matter.

Adding insult to injury, the bone density test my partner performed on me in our Nutritional Assessment lab came up osteopenia. (Yeah, you guessed it - one step ahead of osteoporosis.) To make matters worse, my professor tried to make me feel better by saying it's common in women going through menopause, but I'm not going through menopause.

By noon, I wanted to: (1) cry; (2) scream; (3) sit quietly with my hands folded in my lap. I think I'm having a problem dealing with pressure.

I admit, it's all my own fault. I'm a last minute person. Probably not the best strategy when the competition for internships in Southern California is so stiff. So as the deadline draws near (February 16), I find some things are not finished. Things like, let me see, oh yes, my statement of intent, which defines why the program director would want to choose me.

So when I found myself, at 6 pm, leaving class and still able to smile, I knew I was gonna make it through the night. Thanks goes, in large part, to Dr. H, my long-time professor who has been my one-woman cheering squad. She offered even more help than the amazing letters of recommendation she penned - the piece of mind I get from her advice. Thank you again, Dr. H - for bringing me back from the brink. And thank you, G-d, for Dr. H!

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