Monday, February 22, 2010

The Happiness You Make

Having taken my cue from previous episodes of nanaloshen, I decided happiness was just too important to leave to chance. So I woke up this morning (several times, actually) and when I finally leaped out of bed (as soon as my eyes remained open long enough), I decided to be happy.

Like most things, happiness needs to be organized. First, don't judge anyone. If they act like an idiot, take it for granted they're an idiot and G-d loves idiots and move on. Like the woman sitting next to me waiting for the subway. Snot running down her face, her sleeve pressed into service. I almost lost my breakfast. Instead, I reached into my pocket and retrieved 3 perfectly good, but scrunched tissues. She was very appreciative. So was I. Downright happy when the subway came and I could get away from her.

Even though Mondays are my day off from school, I went to campus to finish my kitchen hours. I forgot how much I love those Golden Eagle kitchen people. They received me like a long-lost relative. I was so happy I almost cried.

Happy too, that I have a friend like Maria, who took time from her day to tutor me on our lab calculations. Oh my gosh, talk about confusing. She was patient, like the mother she is and let a woman like me, old enough to be her mother, work out the math with her gentle guidance.

Home at last, I took my husband to lunch for his birthday. He ordered a simple soup, while I took a main course. Seemed wrong, but as long as he's happy, I'm happy.

So happiness reigned supreme this day because that was the plan. And that's G-d's plan too. As of this writing, I am fully prepared to spent tomorrow happy as well.

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