Sunday, February 14, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough, the tough need to start reflecting on their life. Take, for example, me.

It's Sunday, the first of Adar, the month of joy. Also my son's birthday. Yet, literally, I had the day planned out in terms of studying. I could stick my face in my books all day and barely scratch the surface of what I need to know for this week alone.

So the Holy One, in His Wisdom, kept me busy for an hour this morning trying to figure out how to call Israel from Skype on my laptop and not get off the couch once. Yeah, I know, it's easy. Now. Spent 30 full minutes talking to my behor* in Eretz HaKodesh* and could just cry. Miss him so much. Hope he doesn't come home. It's a long story.

Then my dearest friend Sara Chava dragged me off to the Women's Tehillim* Group, where the saying of Psalms is SOP* in this community on a Rosh Chodesh.* Thank you Sara. You saved my life. It was getting a spiritual defibrillator.

Finally, I actually did get to study today. What little I learned I hope to put to good use. Somehow. But what I really learned is that I have great friends and great kids and a great husband. Now if only I were tough enough to actually get somewhere. . .

For Eddie and the rest of my dear readers:
*behor: firstborn son.
*Eretz HaKodesh: literally, the Holy Land.

*Tehillim: The 150 chapters of the book of Psalms.
*Standard Operating Procedure.
*Rosh Chodesh: first day of the Jewish month, when the entire book of Tehillim is said.


  1. If Yitzi stays, what will he do there? Study?

  2. Start a life for himself. He can work on a moshav, kibbutz, go to school. Everything he can do here, and probably not lay around in bed until 1:30 pm!!!!!

    We've got a lot of family there, so he can really make a life for himself. He loves it, but he misses his family. We will just have to join him.

    Love you, and hope all is well.