Sunday, February 21, 2010

You Know Who Works in Mysterious Ways

This past Shabbat, I was in a bad mood. Kinda cranky. I wanted to crawl under the covers and sleep it off, but like the jack let out of the box, there was no going back. Only forward. So I said Tehillim and went to the weekly shuir. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by happy people with tasty snacks. I started to uncrank.

Just then, in walks someone I dislike. I thought, oh no, why can't I finish Shabbat in peace? Why can't I finish Shabbat surrounded by friends only? But as I finished up Tehillim, I realized that I was surrounded by friends. As the sun set, I realized that I was the person with the problem.

My mother, may she rest in peace, always said that G-d works in mysterious ways. Mother was right. G-d sent this person to me to teach me a lesson: don't be judgemental against your fellow human being out of jealousy and bitterness. Heck, don't be judgemental ever.

I walked home with a spring in my step. The pain of being human is the lack of perfection and the mistakes we make. I make. Thank you, Creator, for the wake up call.

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