Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bearing Witness

The other day the woman who I thought was my boss came into my office and asked me to be a witness.  "A witness to what?" I asked, and she said she needed someone who wasn't her employee to be there when she told one of her employees that she was being written up.

I looked at the woman who I thought was my boss and said, "Aren't you my boss?"  She smiled, and said, "No, we work together."  I have got to get me an organization chart!

I put down my calculator, got up, and prepared to be a witness.  Only the employee about to be written up only speaks Spanish, and my colleague (I learn quick) also speaks Spanish and they went at it for about 10 minutes while I alternated between smiling and looking stern.  I got the gist of what was being said, just not the actual words.

In the end, the employee refused to sign the notice of write up, and I went back to my calculator, more confused than ever.  I'm nearly seven months into this job and still don't know who is who.  Seriously, what are my chances for success?

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