Sunday, April 21, 2013

Point Blank

I personally don't own a gun, but believe strongly in the 2nd amendment. To me, it's all about keeping the government at bay.  An armed citizenry is the foundation of a true democracy.

Lately, since the unwarranted and inexcusable murder of children, theater goers and college students, there has been a loud chorus of people wanting to tightened background checks on gun purchasers.  Well, as far as I see it, background checks are pretty tight, and law abiding citizens aren't shooting up children in school yards.  So who's going to be impacted by this?

Law abiding citizens, who are already adhering to background checks.  In Connecticut, the murderer there applied for a gun permit and was denied.  He went home, killed his mother and took her guns.  Next stop, Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The young man was mentally ill.  Just like all the other big time murderers (Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colorado).  How come we're not talking about that?  Any reason why we aren't divining a national registry of the mentally ill, or even printing their names in a local paper?

Because people don't feel comfortable talking about the mentally ill, and quite frankly, don't know what to do with them.  They have rights, you know, just like gun owners.  So I guess we'll just have to put up the the disingenuous garbage spewed by politicians and others who don't want to address the real issue of mental illness and would rather make things harder for the crowd that really isn't a risk.

Answer: Quite frankly, stop demonizing the NRA.  Stop demonizing people who don't trust their government to not make a gun registry, a neutralizing factor should the government decide to go over to the dark side.  Stop making major decisions based on emotions, and think things through.  My experience is the people who claim they believe in free speech are all talk, and only their talk.  We need a national debate, not dictation.

G-d help us all.

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