Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crying Time

Generally speaking, I hate to go out to night time events, especially Jewish events.  If it's Jewish, there's food.  And drink.  And plenty of it.  For those of us who lack self-control (yours truly), it's a roller coaster of indigestion.

And emotion.  Tonight's event was the 10th anniversary of the Friendship Circle, an amazing group of people who help families with developmentally disabled children and young adults.  One of my sons has been volunteering for several years, and tonight I figured out why.

What could be more gratifying than helping a child with learning disabilities learn?  Or a child who can't understand the world around him smile?  Okay, this event was a fundraiser and I wasn't planning on giving any more of my funds, but after I saw the video of those wonderful children being surrounded by loving volunteers, I cried.

And then I filled out the donation card, offering to volunteer my time teaching children about nutrition.  I just hope I'm worthy of the task.  No doubt these amazing children, and their equally amazing families, will end up teaching me more than I can teach them.  That's how doing the right thing works.

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