Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coffee Catch Up

Not that I need an excuse to drink a cup of Starbuck's coffee, but when a dear friend sent me an email inviting me to join her and others for coffee to catch up on our lives, I couldn't say YES fast enough.  

Like veterans of a foreign war, my RD exam study group keep in touch.  We share our triumphs and follies, but rarely get the chance to see each other face to face.  Sunday was the big day.

It was just three of us, but the coffee was great, as was the cinnamon bun I brought along and ate alone.  (While I surely don't need the calories, there's something about a little cake and coffee that seem so right).     We caught up on each other's lives, asked each other advice, and even sat through a much needed hair styling (one of our group is an RD and a hair dresser - the best of both worlds).

Just like we needed each other when we were going through our internship and studying for the exam, we need each other now.  We are not alone.  As for me, I truly feel blessed.

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