Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Time!

Okay, now I'm an Registered Dietitian.  I paid my fees, all set and ready to get my identity card signifying me as a member of the group.  It's summer and it's hot.  So what does this mean?

It means it's hard finding a job.  I've been trying for three days now, and no bites.  No "thank you but not thanks," no anything.  I will write once again to the Ohel (Rebbe), and visit my parents graves (this time I can stay longer because I don't fear getting a migraine from crying too hard) all in the hopes that they can help me out.

Maybe I'm getting nervous for no reason.  Maybe I need to just calm down and let the Yomin Tovim pass so I can start in earnest.  One of my dearest friends just passed the exam yesterday, and we will celebrate with lunch tomorrow.  Then it will two (times how many others) in the job market.

Deep breathe.  All will be well.

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