Thursday, April 19, 2012

Running Away From Me

I know I blog a lot about riding the bus, but that's because I ride the bus a lot.  I mean, nearly every day, spending untold hours (i.e., I'm too tired to count the hours) going back and forth to my internship site.

The other morning, I walked to the bus stop anticipating a wait.  But from across a busy street I saw the bus coming.  I had a choice - miss it or brave the traffic.  Well, missing it just wasn't going to happen, so I waded out into traffic and got to the other side of the street as the bus approached.

Knowing LA Metro bus drivers like I do, I waved my hands in the air, but continued running to the bus stop.  The driver must have thought I was crazy because he stopped in the middle of the street to pick me up.  "Ma'am," he said from the open door, "get in."  I was shocked.

Usually, if you are not at the bus stop, or you aren't running up to the stop while people are still boarding, the driver takes off.  No mercy.  But here the driver actually stopped well before the bus stop and picked me up.  Somehow, I thought, this is my lucky day.

I ran for the next bus, and caught it as well.  I got to school, found out my financial aid had been reinstated despite the recent letter from the University to the contrary, and the guest speaker for class cancelled.  The only negative was not finding my tape recorder, stolen from the classroom a few weeks back, but seeing how the day was going, that can't be a bad thing.

Sometimes, the day doesn't go so right, but maybe it's just perspective.  Maybe all our days are just fine.

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