Monday, April 23, 2012

Okay Maybe I'm Not Blond.. .

But my hair is certainly a lighter color.  And now that you see it, don't I look something like Marilyn?  Two eyes, a nose, a mouth.  I also have a bathrobe.

The truth is, I am getting a lot of comments on my new hair.  I went to school today wearing it, and first off, my close friends oohed and aahed.  They said now I'm the sexy one in the group.  Which is not true, but it was kind of them to say so.

I did have one bizarre incident.  When I was walking to the bus on campus, a woman, who I promise I've never seen before, greeted me like a relative.  She went on about  my hair and how beautiful it looks, and then identified me, so she definitely knew me.  But who is she?

I smiled, thanked her, and went home.  If the silly wig wasn't so tight I'd really be enjoying the attention.  Praying to be headache free.


  1. Wow! So different. I'm not sure I'd recognize you if I saw you on the street. Why the sunglasses?

  2. I'm shy! Plus, it does a great job of covering the scar.