Monday, July 11, 2011

Visiting Camp Run Amok

Sunday was visiting day at my daughter's camp, so we piled into the car and took a two hour trip up the mountain. When we finally got there, it was with great relief. For a good 25 minutes we thought the old car would never make it.

But it did make it, and there was my lovely, sweet angel sitting on the porch waiting for us. I was so glad to see my baby, and she looked so happy to see us as well.

First, we toured to bunk house and met old friends. Bubbie thought her granddaughter might get hungry so she sent along a seven-layer cake sized to feed a battalion of men. Not to mention the gum, clothing and kisses that went along with it.

It took my daughter a few hours before she could tell me about her troubles. The class bullies had followed her there, and even a few got in her bunk house. No one was spared, but my daughter is taking it kinda hard. My advice: laugh at them. They take themselves very seriously, but there's no reason why she should.

But I still spoke to her counselor about it, asking that she keep an eye on things and make sure these girls don't get out of hand. It's the same advice a group of us mothers gave the principal back home.

What a majestic place. Nestled in the forest at 6000 foot elevation, it's a mini-resort with log cabins and plenty of dirt. Just the right place for a kid to run all day and sleep all night.

I'm so proud of my daughter. She seems all grown up. It's big to spend a month away from home, even with your best friends, when you're only 9 years old. It's also big of mommy to let her go.

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