Sunday, July 3, 2011

Driving Mommy Crazy

I went to work literally first thing Friday morning - I had to be at school by 8 am. So I left me kids still sleeping in bed, knowing that's pretty much how I'm gonna find them when I come home. Only I forgot that two of them had a appointment at 12:30 pm with the DMV.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is usually a pretty inefficient arm of the state government, issuing driving permits and licences to anyone and everyone who walks in the door. You have to have a passport or other form of valid ID to apply, but all they do is ask if you have one, not check to see if it's really you.

Okay, so my 19 and 15 year old sons decided that they want a permit to drive. The 15 year old made the appointment, but when we got there, the clerk couldn't find the appointment anywhere in the state of California for that time and date. But, never fear, the line is moving fast, take a number and wait.

Actually, the line did move fast, and both their numbers came up quickly. They were called at nearly the same time, so I jumped from one counter to another pay the fee and then waited, saying Tehillim, until their tests were done.

Good thing too, since they both passed. What does the future hold for them in this regard? My 15 year old must take driving lessons ($$$) but my 19 year old can make an appointment for a DMV mandated driving test.

While I worry about them behind the wheel of a car, I know that it means that I will be relieved of some major driving duties in the weeks and months to come. But we have only two cars.

Time for Plan B. Whatever that may be.

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