Friday, July 8, 2011

Quite A State

When I drove carpool last month, I wanted to give the girls something else to do with their travel time besides fighting so I mentioned a game we played when I was a kid. From the back seat of the family car, we would see who could be the first to spot an out of state license plate. Fun, huh?

So I told the girls all about it, but mentioned that in Los Angeles, there aren't very many out of state license plates because most people don't drive here, they fly in.

Which is really weird because ever since I said that, I've seen more out of state license plates then I've seen in 12 years. Kinda strange.

What does it mean? Maybe I shouldn't be so sure of myself, maybe I shouldn't editorialize. Perhaps I should have just given over the game and let it be that.

Welcome strangers. There seems to be plenty of you!

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