Thursday, May 2, 2013

Having A Stupid Moment

I think when the temperature rises, I lose my mind.  I can't take the heat.  Add to that I had to put in time this morning at the downtown facility where the psychiatric patients tend to be really intense, and I was heading for a meltdown.

So imagine my excitement when I saw an Arco station right outside the hospital where the gas was $3.83 a gallon and my tank was near empty.  I raced over there, along with nearly half the city, waited my turn and finally got a slot to call my own.

That's when things kinda went downhill.  The pay stations by the pumps were all changed recently, and allow you to pay by cash.  Used to be you had to walk into the gas station store itself to pay cash.  So guess who stuck their ATM card in the cash slot?

That would be me.  I could not get the card out, and had to go into the store to ask for help.  The attendant gave me a big smile, and tried to make me feel better by staying I was the second person today to have this problem.  The other person was, can you guess, also a woman!

I as so embarrassed, that I ran back outside and, much to my relief, somehow got my card out of the machine on my own.  I started over, putting the card in the right slot this time, and was ready to pump gas when the attendant finally came out to help me.

It's stupid moments like this that make me stop, take a breath, and realize that while my car can't run on empty, neither can I.  Gonna be a soul searching Shabbat.

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