Friday, November 23, 2012

What A Week

It's been a while since I've written on this blog, and for that, I'm sorry.  But my mind has been on overload - from my job working as a Registered Dietitian in a psychiatric hospital to the war in the Middle East.  I've been a little preoccupied.

So let me say now, that thank G-d the people of Israel have pulled through this latest crisis, and shame on all those in the news media who used this latest attempt at genocide on the part of Hamas to slam Israel.  Make no mistake, slamming Israel will not save Arabs lives.  Making Arabs accountable for their behavior will.

Because it isn't Israel that is targeting civilians, it is Hamas that is targeting them.  We've all heard the saying "suicide by police," where a person points a gun at a police officer and the officer shoots to save his or her life.  That is what Hamas has done.  Setting up rocket launchers by civilians in the hopes that they will kill Jews and also get their own killed, and make Israel responsible, is disgusting.  But what is more disgusting is that they got away with it.

This past summer in Great Britain, during the Olympics, the police set up rocket batteries on roof tops in preparation for a terrorist assault. Local citizens complained that they were made into targets and the rockets were removed.  Why can't the citizens of Gaza do that?  Is it because they don't want to?  Is it because they believe that Hamas is right and they are willing to take the hit?  Or are they truly powerless?

I believe the Creator of the Universe never slumbers or sleeps.  He is aware of our actions, and He is judging us.  I call out the evil of Hamas, and all the people who support them.  Especially those in safe countries who permit this evil to thrive.  Our actions have consequences.  

I work in a facility where people are truly insane.  They are medicated in order to function.  But in comparison to what I just witnessed regarding CNN, BBC and their ilk, my patients seem pretty damn normal to me.

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