Thursday, November 8, 2012

20th Century Gal In A 21st Century World

I've been complaining for years about my phone.  Besides the fact that it's a really cool color of blue, it was crap.  I didn't get internet, and with Bluetooth in the car, I rarely got my messages in time.

So I traded up a few days ago and got an I-Phone 4.  That's right - not interested in the I-Phone 5 because I can barely operate my old phone.  But being in constant touch with the internet has made me a happy person.  Until today.

When a dear friend called and asked me to call her back, I couldn't.  Because even though they said they transferred my contacts at the AT&T store, they really didn't.  So I didn't have her number.

Hold on a moment.  What does it mean I didn't have her number?  Because if it isn't in my cell phone, it doesn't exist in my head.  Is that good thing?  No, it isn't a good thing.  My generation memorized phone numbers because we didn't have cell phones, and the ones we didn't memorize, we wrote down in a personal phone book.

Obviously, I'm a little stressed or I wouldn't been traveling back in time and make the past seem so wonderful.  It's just frustrating to start a new job, be expected to perform like a seasoned employee, and then when I want to make a phone call I can't because I don't have the phone number.

Lucky for me, I have a son who has a wonderful, calm personality (actually, I have 5 of them - one, unfortunately, is kinda like me.  Excitable).  He quietly and quickly got me to the AT&T store and making an extremely long story short, got me my phone numbers.

What lessons did I learn from this?  That the old fashioned personal phone books are gonna have to be good enough for me.  I guess I'm NOT ready for the 21st century at all.

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