Monday, August 8, 2011

When A Friend Helps

After I proctored an exam at school today, I decided to run a few errands on campus. That's when I ran into a old classmate, Stephen. Well, he's not old, but we were in an Econ class together two years ago and made up, along with others who remain friends, a study group for that course.

Stephen is sweet and outgoing, and today he had a lot of time to kill. So he offered to come with me while I ran these errands. At first, I thought I would run those errands from home, if you know what I mean. But Stephen insisted, since he had 3.5 hours before his next class, that we get them all done now.

So I had to give up not doing my errands and got everything I needed to get done accomplished. And Stephen stayed by my side, pushing me on, insisting we walk literally around the whole campus. In spite of myself, the morning was incredibly productive.

Thank you, friend. You truly, made my day.

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