Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lunching With The Ladies

It all started with my decision to take a dear friend, who recently passed the Registered Dietitian's exam, to lunch. But "doing lunch" is a bit more complicated when you keep kosher and your friend does not. Plus, I wanted something nice, for a change.

So I invited my friend to La Gondola, an upscale restaurant in part to show her how the other "kosher" half lives, and in part to get something really good to eat. Then another dear friend, recently married, came home from her honeymoon and another dear friend was in town as well. And all my dear friends, and me, know and love each other. So there you have it.

The most wonderful lunch with the most delicious food I've had in quite some time. Everyone had a great time, but none more than me. What a wonderful way to break up the day. Can't wait for the next occasion to eat this good comes along. Hope it's real soon!

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