Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Latest Dilemma

For the past 3 weeks I've been teaching nutrition at a homeless shelter not far from my home. I've enjoyed it immensely as it's given me a chance to exercise my sense of humor and learn more about my intended field of practice.

But it's been a lot of work, and required a good deal of preparation time. Not that preparing lectures is a problem. I also plan to teach nutrition when I finish my Master's degree. The problem is that my internship will be starting next month, and the homeless shelter has asked me to stay on.

It really would be a good thing to stay on. But I need to write a thesis and the internship is a solid 3 days a week, with an additional day devoted to an internship class. I am one person who needs down time, and Shabbos doesn't cut it. I need to have a day, or a solid block of hours when I can veg out. Working at the shelter, preparing my thesis-inspired educational intervention, and attending to my internship is cutting things a bit close for me.

So tonight, when I met with the shelter people for an hour, for the first time ever, people talked while I talked. I was amazed, and some of the other residents noticed as well. A sign from the Holy One, perhaps?

I left there tonight thinking that it was, and pretty much made up my mind not to renew my contract. Just to be sure, I think I'll sleep on it. I'd sure hate to act in haste, repent in leisure.

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