Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting The Message

My treadmill broke (actually, it was a friend's treadmill that she let me borrow forever), so I've taken to walking a little over 2 miles in the morning around my neighborhood.  I alternate my routes every other day, and try to keep upright (yup, I fell earlier this week, but because G-d loves me, no one was driving by to see the graceful event ).

Knowing about my walking expeditions, a dear friend invited me to join her hiking on Sundays - up a mountain.  My daily hikes are on flat land, so after a few outings on the mountain, I realized I needed knee braces and now make them part of my daily routine.

Well, this dear friend decided to have a party at her home for all the birthday girls of summer - including me. I told another dear friend who was going to remind me so I wouldn't miss it.

My reminder came the night of the party from my other dear friend.  I could barely make out what she was saying as she was eating food - at the party itself.  Hello, I told her, it doesn't count as a reminder to call me from the party.

I guess it doesn't matter.  I ended up at the party all the same (truly only because she called), and had a great time.  No matter when and how it was delivered, I got the message all the same.

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