Saturday, August 17, 2013

Beating Back Bad

This week's parsha discussed a lot of mitzvahs, or laws.  It's a custom between me and my row partner to read the short Chassidish explanations in the Torah reading.  One of the explanations discussed the yetzer hara, or the evil inclination, and how it hides itself behind what makes you feel good.

Like today, when I has just about done reading Psalms, and realized it was time for the Shabbat class for women.  I looked at the clock, and said to myself, even if I get dressed and Ieave the house right now, I'll never make it in time. . .

I knew it was the bad in me choosing not to make the right choice, justifying it with staying home and finishing Psalms.  But I gave into myself, finished the reading, and was just about to sit down for a late lunch when there was a knock at the door.

This is not the first time my dear friend D saved me from myself, and I pray it won't be the last.  That's right, D came unexpectedly to pick me up for the class, and we went.

Sometimes it takes friends to help us beat back the bad.  Thank G-d for friends.

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