Monday, March 11, 2013

The Creator and Me

I like to think I have a running dialogue with the Creator of the Universe.  You know, just me and Him.  I mean, with all my problems and requests, how can He have time for anyone else?

Like today.  I was running late at work and knew that I was leaving too late to pick my son up from school at 6 pm.  There was only one way that was going to happen - that's right.  If you-know-Who got involved.

Which, surprise, surprise, He did.  Listen to me: for all those who know what traveling on Interstate 10-West at 5:30 pm means, I flew home, especially through downtown.  Oh yeah.  Traffic never stopped.  I didn't spend one minute of my travel time home regretting I bought a 5-speed.  It was like Sunday morning, 5 am.

It was like Heaven.  And as for my son, well, I pulled up to the door of his school just as he was walking out.  At 6 pm.  Travel time: 30 minutes.  Usual travel time: 45 minute to 1 hour.  That's G-d for you.


  1. (Vickie) Wow that sounds familiar... I remember a week or 2 ago, while we were chit chatting on the phone, you just flew on home from work again. Praise the Lord!