Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taking Time

Time has been on my mind a lot lately. First, where I'm interning now, we use a 24-hour clock, or military time, when writing notes in patient files. Since my Timex indigo light decided on its own to cease functioning, I though it would be a good time to drag out my old (as in vintage) Casio watch and get a new band.

After all, Casio states that all its watches feature 12/24 hour time. I must have pushed every button, including all three simultaneously, to get that 24 hour clock. Nothing doing. Called Casio to find out that my watch does not offer this feature. Oh joy.

With daylight savings time, Shabbat comes in very early. My daughter and I light the candles at 4:30 pm, and by 5:30 pm I'm snoring away. I mean, 5:30 pm! Every other day of the week I'm just coming home at 5:30 pm.

Every Shabbat I read the entire book of Tehillim for the complete recovery of my brother, Hershel Yaakov ben Masha. It takes me a little over 3 hours, and before daylight savings time, I could start at about 3 pm and finish up by 6 pm. Well, with Shabbat over at 5:30 pm, I find myself rushing to get the book done. Old habits die hard and I have to get with the program.

Time - what a concept. Frankly, it's time for Moshiach right now.

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