Friday, November 18, 2011

Sushi Madness

Just when I thought it was safe to leave my house and walk around the block, a brand new, kosher sushi restaurant opened. In my never ending desire to loose weight, I thought I could give up sushi. Things were looking good. Until now.

I think sushi is a great idea. Rice, fish and vegetables in one little roll that can be popped in the mouth and easily chewed up. But when I think of all the ingredients as a whole, the calories become daunting. Rice vinegar, mayo, and rice itself, kinda makes the meal a tad bit calorie dense.

Try 129 calories for two pieces of California roll. I had eight pieces today alone. Oy vey.

But the truth is, a dear friend and I sat down and each had an order of sushi. We talked, got our stress out and laughed. Gotta burn calories doing all that, right?

Maybe I should go for a walk.

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