Sunday, April 24, 2011

Old Friends

I've been thinking about my friend Sharon for a while now. Every now and then I ask myself, I wonder how Sharon is doing? And then I get right back to what I was doing before I asked myself that question. Some friend I am.

Lucky for me, Sharon is a true friend, and I wonder no more how she is because today, she came a calling, knocking on my door at around 5 pm this Shabbat. She knew I would be home because it's my custom to say the entire book of Tehillim each Shabbat in the merit of my brother's recovery.

I didn't mind giving up that custom today. Sharon and I talked for hours, reminiscing about the old days when we exercised together every morning at the local, now defunct women's gym, and caught each other up on current events.

How wonderful to see old friends. It's like we never parted. I went back to saying Tehillim after she left, and got as far as 130. I promised the One Above I would finish tomorrow morning first thing. Funny, I actually made that promise before Sharon came over because I figured I would fall asleep and wake up too late to finish it all.

Kinda weird, but a good idea, when dealing with customs, it give oneself an out up front.

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