Sunday, November 3, 2013

Offering A Helping Hand

Today I did what I enjoy doing most - volunteering to help people out.  As a Registered Dietitian, I joined several other Dietitians to work alongside other clinicians to offer my expertise in terms of weight loss, healthy eating tips, low salt and diabetic diet adherence.  My team and I must have seen 20 people in 4 hours.

What was even better was reaching out and meeting other clinicians (nurses, doctors, optometrists) who gave their time to make life better for complete strangers.  I learned much from the patients, and even more from my fellow RDs.

Did I have a few favorite patients?  Of course,  Like the skinny young man who had been diagnosed as Gluten sensitive, and just wanted to talk.  Or the sweet, young woman who didn't know how she was going fit in eating breakfast after taking care of her 4 year old niece, for whom she prepared breakfast.  When I suggested she eat breakfast with her niece, she thought it was the best idea ever!

Nothing like having the occasional good idea.

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